Which IV Therapy Is Right for You?

At Regenevéda, we’re proud to offer a wide range of IV therapy options. However, we often get this question when our patients walk through the door: ‘Which IV therapy do I need?

Which IV Therapy Do I Need?

When it comes to answering that question, we often have to respond with: ‘It depends.’ The reason why we offer so many different IV therapy treatments is that they target different needs and outcomes for our patients. For example, one patient looking to boost their energy might opt for our ‘Peak Performance’ session that targets metabolism and energy, whereas another patient might choose the ‘Ageless Beauty’ treatment that focuses on the antioxidants designed to improve skin quality.

Myths of IV Therapy

There is a myth that there is one IV therapy option that can do everything, but the reality is that this just isn’t possible. Different treatments need different combinations of nutrients to work at its best, and to cram every nutrient inside one treatment can cause problems and reduce the effectiveness.

How To Find The Right IV Therapy

So, if you’re still wondering which IV therapy option is the one you need, what can you do? At Regenevéda, our professional medical team will help you by asking you questions to determine what you’re looking to get out of a treatment. We’ll build a picture of what your needs are, what you’re focusing on, and what your routine is. Once we have this, we can recommend a selection of our IV therapy we feel works for you. Sometimes there will be more than one IV therapy option that we feel you can benefit from, and you can choose the one you feel suits you best!

Explore Your IV Therapy Options

At Regenevéda, you can save whenever you purchase multiple IV sessions at once, allowing you to try different IV therapy options with each session. You can also join our IV Club for a monthly ‘subscription’ of up to two treatments of your choice for a regular IV boost. To learn more and to arrange an appointment, contact us at Regenevéda IV at (773) 754-3303.