[:en]Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women[:]

[:en]Sexual dysfunction can occur in men and women, especially as we age. Much of this is natural, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be reversed. In both men and women, this dysfunction manifests in many different ways. Here are just a few symptoms to look out for.


Sexual Dysfunction in Women:


  1. Vaginal atrophy: The vaginal walls may become dry and inflamed, leading to pain during intercourse, urinary problems, and even bleeding as a result of a decline in estrogen from menopause. This can even lead a lower libido when a woman associates sex with pain.
  2. Low libido: A lack of sexual desire may not simply be due to not being in the mood, but because of a decline in estrogen levels. It’s not impossible for women of any age to enjoy a healthy sexual life!
  3. Delayed or lack of orgasms: This can be due to many reasons, including a low libido, medication side effects, or a decrease in hormonal levels.


Sexual Dysfunction in Men:


  1. Erectile dysfunction: A common problem with many causes, including diabetes, high blood pressure, or even low libido. It can even be psychological, due to depression, stress, and fatigue.
  2. Low libido: It’s just as common in men as it is with women. For men, this can also be a case of a decline in hormone levels, physical illness, and even as a result of medical side effects.
  3. Ejaculation problems: Premature, delayed, or even no ejaculation may be a result of hormone imbalances, stress, or anxiety.


While there are many symptoms of sexual dysfunction, there are also ways to treat it. At Regeneveda, one of the ways is through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, which helps men and women by restoring hormone levels. This has a positive effect on mood, sexual desire, and can take care of a variety of sexual dysfunctions including vaginal atrophy and libido. Hormone levels can fluctuate at any stage in life and with our natural, plant-derived hormone therapy, you will be able to enjoy a healthy sex life regardless of your age.


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