Reversing Ageing with NAD+ Therapy

[:en]When you think about ageing, you may imagine wrinkles and hair falling out. But it’s also causing changes to your cognitive abilities. As you age, levels of a molecule called NAD decrease. NAD is responsible for providing energy to your cells and ensuring that your body has the ability to perform at peak performance. With lower levels, your stress levels increase and your performance is greatly reduced.

So, if your levels of NAD are reduced, what can be done about it? Well, just because your levels of NAD naturally decline, it doesn’t mean you have to accept it! Brain Restoration Therapy works by providing patients with an IV infusion of NAD+, which replenishes NAD levels directly into your body. Patients who have received Brain Restoration Therapy have reported sharper cognitive performance, clarity of thought, and even addictions to drugs are reversed!

NAD is a naturally occurring compound in the body, so replenishing levels of NAD don’t cause side effects that other drugs might.

If you’re reaching a certain age in your life and feeling like you could do with a brain boost, contact us at Regenevéda today to arrange a consultation. We will start off by administering an assessment to measure your suitability and results with NAD therapy.[:]