Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine provides innovative therapeutic options for a number of serious conditions, many of which do not have effective conventional therapies. We are talking about sending specific information or signals you native tissues that in turn initiate specific beneficial physiological functions that help your body attain a healthier and more youthful you.

Regenerative Medicine


Amino acids are the building blocks of life. The order in which chains of Amino Acids are connected is directed by our DNA and RNA.

Long chains of 50 or more Amino Acids strung together form proteins that direct every physiological function in our bodies.

Short chains of 2-40 or 50 Amino Acids strung together are called peptides.

One common example of a peptide is insulin. All peptides share some common characteristics:

  1. They lack stability and must be kept refrigerated
  2. They can be digested or broken apart and thus must be injected subcutaneously to avoid being broken down.
  3. Some are naturally produced and others are synthetic
  4. Peptides exert diverse biological roles, most prominently as signaling/regulatory molecules in a broad variety of physiological processes, including defense, immunity, stress, growth, homeostasis, and reproduction.

Peptides are now a growing body of new drugs produced by and marketed by the Pharmaceutical Industry, some of which you see ads for on TV. These include new peptides to regulate diabetes, some functioning as new antibiotics, others for weight loss.

In Regenerative Medicine, we use both naturally occurring and synthetically produced peptides to regulate the way your body naturally produces growth hormone, maintains and promotes immune function, muscle mass, fat loss, better sleep patterns and many more functionalities.

When you seek medical care from a credible physician with experience in the field and after consultation, you understand the potential risks of the procedure, are fully informed, and you consent to treatment, the use of regenerative medicine under these conditions is consistent with the practice of good medicine and the standard of care.

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Regenerative Medicine in Chicago by Regeneveda

Regenerative medicine is one of the most modern and innovative fields of medical science to help the body’s tissues regenerate naturally through well-researched triggers. Trapping the two defensive mechanisms of our body—to defend and to heal—regenerative medicine promises to use them to clinically promote natural healing.

At Regeneveda, we strongly believe in the regenerative powers of our body and help our patients to heal naturally and scientifically through it. Our clinic in Chicago and Los Angeles employs the best possible procedures to make regenerative medicine possible at all levels.

Advantages of Regenerative Medicines

  • Regenerate damaged tissues, cells, and ligaments which are damaged due to various reasons
  • Clinically stimulate and activate the healing process of organs to heal naturally, and through their own defensive and healing methods
  • Regulate hormone secretion, promote immune function and help in several other processes in the body
  • Help the body actively respond to dangers such as disorders and diseases and fight using its own defensive systems
  • Rejuvenate and revitalize important functions of the body for better and healthy living

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