Regenerative Cell Banking

At Regenevéda, we want to help you stay prepared and healthy for years to come. With our regenerative cell banking service, you can ensure a safe source of regenerative mesenchymal cells for you and your family, with no risk of rejection or incompatibility.


Regenerative Cell Banking

Prepare for the Future with Regenevéda

Who knows what the future may hold?

Using innovative technologies, like our Fun Sculpting Device, Regeneveda is uniquely equipped to extract as much of your regenerative cells as possible. These can be used in the future or immediately for regenerative treatments of all kinds. In addition to liposuction, Dr. Thom Lobe is a leading rengerative medicine physician who has helped thousands of patients find relief by harnessing their own body’s ability to regenerate and heal.

How Liposuction Works

During the procedure, a local anesthetic will be applied to the target area and our team of experts will monitor your vitals, including your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen. The procedure itself may take up to several hours to complete depending on the area, and patients are monitored for a short period of time post-procedure. Recovery is generally painless, but you should expect some swelling in the area for a few weeks following the procedure. After this time, the swelling should subside and the area should appear sculpted.

Bank with Regenevéda

Our experts are helping hundreds of patients extract and preserve mesenchymal cells with the Fun Sculpting Device – an industry-leading liposuction technology. This innovative tool allows our experts to provide you with the most effective and efficient liposuction technology and experience available on the market. In addition to fat extraction, Dr. Thom Lobe is one of the leading regenerative medicine doctors in the country, with the skill to help you harness your own cells to heal. For more information on our extraction and storage services, contact our dedicated team today.

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