[:en]The Power of Ozone Therapy[:]

[:en]At Regeneveda, we use tried-and-true therapies proven to provide positive benefits for your health. One of these therapies is ozone therapy, which has been used medically for decades with effective results. Read on to find out what it does and if you can benefit from it.


Ozone therapy works by administering ozone gas into your body. Ozone is simply made up of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone has been found to kill bacteria, viruses, and boost your immune system. It helps boost brain function, speed up wound healing, and decrease inflammation in your tissue. It also increases the oxygenation of your cells, meaning it boosts the amount of oxygen in your tissue.


Ozone therapy has been used as part of the treatment of many diseases, including Lyme disease, heart disease, and arthritis.


At Regeneveda, ozone therapy is an IV therapy, meaning it is administered intravenously. Blood is drawn and then administered with a high dose of ozone before being infused back into the patient. This can be administered up to ten times, providing your body with a high dose of ozone, giving your immune system the boost it needs.


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