Medicine or Magic?

Over the years, I’ve had many of my patients call me a magician.  While I know that it is meant as a compliment, I believe in results not in magic and everything I do at Regeneveda is based on cutting edge, up to the minute, evidence-based science.


It’s a combination of my broad and unique experience and the fact that I don’t rest until I come up with the right diagnosis that makes the difference.


I suppose it much of what I do seems like magic to many of my patients because, while trained in conventional biomedicine, I’ve always kept an open mind and not only have I recognized that there are many credible diagnostic and treatment modalities besides what students are taught in US medical schools today, I have trained in many of them and am able to incorporate them into my practice.


So, when patients come to me with difficult problems that many good practitioners before me have failed to sort out, I usually am able to hit the nail on the head because I’m not stuck in a box that limits my thinking to the ordinary diagnostic and treatment methods.


I listen carefully to each patient searching for clues that others have missed and I am passionate about helping people.


If you really want magic, go see a magic show.


If you are struggling with a health problem and no one else can tell you what’s wrong, that’s when you need to see me and experience my brand of magic.