[:en]Why We Love Anti-Aging Medicine (And Why You Should, Too!)[:]


Few of us pay attention to aging until we begin to notice the changes in how we look and feel. At Regenevéda, our approach to anti-aging is aimed toward re-engineering how your body ages, whether you are in your thirties and want to stay healthy or whether you are in your fifties and wish you were 35 again. At Regenevéda we examine your genetics, nutrition, metabolism, and hormonal balance—all key factors in the aging process—to better understand how to help you maintain or restore your youth.


There are many who claim to practice anti-aging medicine. At Regenevéda Chicago, our anti-aging medicine therapy delivers results that are unsurpassed. Going beyond simple prevention and slowing the aging process, we specialize in restoring your youth. The results are noticeable in the way you look, feel, and act. No one understands how to re-program your genes, nutrition, and hormones as well as we do.


Before embarking on a treatment program, we start with a comprehensive evaluation consisting of the following steps:

  • A consultation to review your current concerns and any other issues that may be relevant to your health.
  • Baseline blood tests, adrenal stress test, and human growth hormone urine profile to evaluate your current hormone levels.
  • State-of-the-art metabolic testing and body composition analysis.
  • Genetic analysis testing.

From all of this, we get a comprehensive picture of your current state of health and aging patterns. Then we embark on re-programming your aging process with recommendations that begin with simple nutrient and supplement-based recommendations to getting your hormones regulated properly. Everything we do focuses on reducing your risk of getting cancer, heart and vascular disease, osteoporosis, dementia, and other age-related diseases. After a few months on the initial program, you will be re-tested to see how we can optimize your program. From then on, it becomes a matter of sticking with the program to see lasting results and checking in periodically to fine-tune the program for you. Whether you simply want to slow the aging process or you want to turn the clock back decades, Regenevéda will be your partner throughout the process. Call us today! 877-903-6060