[:en]Learn About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)[:]


What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Exactly?

HBOT has the extraordinary ability to improve your quality of life when standard medicine is simply not enough or as a supplement to traditional medicine. HBOT could be your answer to recovery.

HBOT is the only non-hormonal therapy that is used to biologically repair and regenerate human tissue. 

It involves breathing in pure oxygen in a pressurized room or tube or chamber. 

Commonly used conditions for HBOT include:


  • closed head injury/concussion
  • stroke
  • cerebral palsy
  • autism
  • Lyme disease
  • swelling (edema)
  • joint-related issues
  • peripheral neuropathy syndromes/diabetes


  • poor circulation
  • reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • complex regional pain syndrome
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • osteoradionecrosis
  • crush injuries
  • brain edema
  • certain liver disease
At Regeneveda, we assess our patients\’ health and can create a recommendation on the number of sessions needed, or if HBOT is a good fit for your particular injury or condition. 

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