[:en]Kim\’s Success Story – A Former Patient Says Thank You[:]


It is a rare treat to hear back from someone you helped years and years later. However, when you do, it is certainly a nice feeling.

Some time in the early 90s (possibly a little earlier even), Dr. Lobe met Kim. Kim was a young girl who had an esophageal stricture. This created a lot of issues for a young Kim, and her parents were not too sure of the next steps and/or how to proceed. Until they met Dr. Lobe.

Dr. Lobe removed the stricture, successfully, saving Kim from a lifetime of being tube-fed.

Years later, Kim remembered Dr. Lobe while reflecting on her past medical encounters and sent in this testimonial.

“Dr Lobe, I hope you will remember me. My name is Kim. When I was a little girl, my parents brought me to you with an esophageal stricture. It was probably between \’88-\’92? I don\’t remember specifics, but I know in the story when it\’s told, my parents were very unsure of how to proceed. Eventually you removed the stricture and allowed my parents to hold it in step-down recovery. My mom says, \”it felt like a chicken neck.\” They knew then it was the right decision.

I\’ve recently joined an online GERD support group and had gotten to thinking about all the amazing doctors I\’ve had in my life. I wanted to just send you an email and say thank you. It\’s crazy when I look at the laparoscopic Nissen patients, hear about all the research coming out…. or heck – just an online support group. I think back to when doctors were telling my parents they were imagining things, and Prilosec was $18 a pill after insurance. My parents used to kid and say I\’d never get kidnapped because once they found out how expensive I was, they\’d return me! It was a crazy way to grow up, but I get to eat through my mouth and not a tube. You\’re the reason for that and I wanted to say thanks. “

Thank you for sharing your story Kim.

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