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What Is IV Light Therapy?

It is a polychromatic intravenous light treatment, and therefore able to modulate biological systems to cause an effect on a condition with a complex pathophysiology.  The Model UVL1500 Treatment System™ provides wavelengths to impact specific biochemical cascades involved in numerous medical conditions.

Overall, the Model UVL1500 Treatment System™ uses decades of clinical literature to forge a new, innovative treatment solution.

How Does It Work?

In order for light energy to influence any condition, the energy must be absorbed.  There are certain elements of a particular cell is capable of absorbing a specific wavelength. This is referred to as a cell’s or molecule’s absorption spectrum.  The absorption spectrum of one cell may be unique to other cells, so that a cell can be stimulated without impacting neighboring cells or tissue. Hence, using these known parameters, using light therapy can modulate a specific cells biology. Additionally, the combination of wavelengths could permit the activation of multiple photoreceptor molecules found within multiple cells. Basically, the light absorbed into a specific cell may change its biology in a way that pharmaceutical agents do.

How Is it Administered?

The light wavelengths are administered intravenously into the blood.

What Are Its Uses?

Some of the common reasons we see IV therapy used include:

  • Providing Targeted Nutrition
  • Delivering High Dose Anti-Oxidant Therapy
  • Treating Cardiac or Other Inflammation
  • Fighting Resistant Infections
  • Living Healthier – Living Longer


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