Genetic Analysis

For years we were taught that we were born with a genetic blueprint that could not be altered. While for some specific genes and genetically induced syndromes that is true, however we now know that we can influence the way many of our important genes are expressed.

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Genetic Analysis

This is important to you, because hundreds of common conditions, everything from fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, thyroid disease and diabetes, to autism can be influenced by properly regulating your genetic expression. We begin by analyzing your genome through a sample of your saliva. In a matter of weeks we have your personal genetic blueprint from which we can prepare a comprehensive report that will serve as your guide to better health and a happier disposition.

What’s Your Sequence?

Each SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), or gene segment, can be in a good, bad, or mixed sequence that you inherited from your parents. Each of the SNPs we look at codes for a single important step in your metabolic pathway that determines how you utilize specific nutrients. A typical example is Vitamin B-12, important for your body’s energy and many neurological functions. For many, Vitamin B-12 isn’t properly utilized and thus no matter how much you take in you may not see dramatic improvement. The good news is that for most of the undesirable SNPs, we can influence the way your metabolic processes function by recommending specific supplements and nutrients that will correct the deficiencies.

What is Epigenetics?

The study of influencing genetic expression is a new field of medicine called Epigenetics. We re-engineer the way your genes are expressed. One of the several processes by which your genes are regulated is called methylation. In essence, it’s the introduction of a methyl chemical group onto your DNA or genes that can dramatically affect your genetics. Among some of the diseases associated with this process are:


Preventive and Predictive Genetic Analysis

Alzheimer’s is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder that affects the operational ability of the brain. The genetic analysis can determine the presence of these categories and help take preventive measures in advance. Predictive and preventive measures can give a whole lifetime of good health to a person with a predisposition to these conditions.

There are two different categories of genes that determine how likely someone is to develop Alzheimer’s. With the first type of gene, the risk genes may or may not cause the disease. However, the second kind of genes—the deterministic genes—are guaranteed to cause dementia and Alzheimer’s in a person.

Diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Chronic fatigue syndrome have been linked to someone’s genetic makeup. As a preventative and predictive measure, we do genetic analyses at our Chicago clinic. Genetic analysis an

d SNP can help to identify the mutations in the genetic makeup and analyze it, so you can take preventive measures for disorders such as Dementia. An SNP testing can determine a person’s risk factor for developing disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome or types of Dementia or any other such disorders associated with the genome makeup of a person.

Understanding what SNPs you carry is the first step in unraveling what often are huge mysteries to physicians, because they have overlooked this new key to the way in which the body functions optimally.

When we unlock the key and give you the supplementation you need, symptoms often go away forever.

SNP Analysis by Regeneveda

Our clinics are equipped with facilities to do a complete SNP analysis and determine the makeup; this helps you better understand if you have any risk factors for a disorder. Whether it’s for a specific condition or for multiple health-related problems, our detailed SNP testing will predict how your body will respond to these risk factors.

Our experts analyze SNP reports to help unlock the mystery about those symptoms you are experiencing. SNPs are conducted in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York clinics by our team of experts. When you come in for a consultation, we guide you and help you understand the process.

Get rid of those doubts and false predictions through detailed SNP analysis from Regeneveda. All it takes is a few minutes or less to halt a lifetime of problems well before the symptoms start appearing.

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