[:en]The Diabetes Symptom Checklist[:]

[:en]\"\"It is no secret by now that diabetes is prevalent, highly prevalent in continually being diagnosed in individuals every day. Type 2 Diabetes, the one where the body\’s cells become resistant to insulin and comes with a set of symptoms.

Because type 2 diabetes and its symptoms arise slowly, you should see a doctor if you have any diabetes suspicion or if you notice any of the following symptoms. That way, you will lower the chances of developing serious complications.

Symptoms of diabetes

The most common symptoms of diabetes, particularly the classic diabetes symptoms, are associated with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels in the body). They include thirst and frequent urination. The other problems related to hyperglycemia include eating problems and dehydration.

According to the International Diabetes Foundation, the following are some of the symptoms that should prompt you to get a diabetes test when possible.

Frequent urination
When your body has more glucose (sugar) in the blood than necessary, you will urinate frequently. When the insulin in your body is ineffective, the kidneys will not filter the blood sugar back into your bloodstream. To dilute the glucose, your kidneys have to take water from the blood. That fills up the bladder in turn.

Disproportionate thirst
The above point should explain why you would experience disproportionate thirst. When visiting the washroom more often than usual to urinate, you will have to replace the lost liquid. You might, therefore, drink more water than usual.

Intense hunger
In diabetic people, insulin in the bloodstream does not work properly – it might also not be present. The body cells might not also get their energy. Therefore, the body might react by working hard to get more energy – food. In simpler language, you will experience hunger cravings. Intense hunger can lead to faster weight gain.

Increased fatigue
When the insulin in your body is not working properly (or when it is not present), the blood glucose will not enter the body cells or provide them with energy. As a result, you will feel listless and tired.

Blurred vision
Blurred vision results from tissue pull towards the eye lenses. That alone affects the focusing ability of your eyes. Even though with the right treatment the problem is manageable, severe cases can lead to blindness or even prolonged vision problems.

Bruises and cuts take longer to heal
If you have realized that bruises and cuts are taking longer to heal, it is the time to go for a diabetes checkup. When the level of blood sugar is your body is in large quantity, your body’s healing ability will be undermined.

If you exhibit any of these symptoms and feel you may be at risk for diabetes, please do consult with a physician immediately.

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