[:en]Come visit Dr Thom Lobe at Autism One 2018![:]

[:en]\"\"Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that results from maturation-related changes in various systems of the brain. Dr Lobe has been working with children with autism and has been using his experience and extensive medical background to find effective approaches to manage autism.

Dr Lobe’s unique approach for managing autism is based on influencing metabolism, the immune system, as well as looking at the body’s tissues and cells.

Come visit the Regeneveda team at booth 31 at Autism One 2018, and don’t forget to check out Dr Lobe’s talk on Friday, May 25 at 2.45 pm in Grand Ballroom A-F. He will discuss his approach to children’s autism. Learn more about whether Dr Lobe’s autism management technique is right for your child.[:]