Cellupulse – also known as acoustic wave therapy – is a great alternative for cellulite reduction. There is no surgery, needles, or cutting. The procedure uses pressure waves that reduce cellulite under the skin’s surface using acoustic pulses.

Regenerative Medicine:


By applying acoustic pressure waves to targeted body regions such as your thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms, CelluPulse therapy will help you look and feel incredible. By helping the body to expell fat from the cells and increasing collagen, inches will simply melt away with improved firmness and restored natural elasticity of your skin. CelluPulse can shape and sculpt those problem areas in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

The Science Behind Cellupulse Cellulite Therapy

Acoustic waves pass through the skin and fat to release the cellulite-causing toxins. This pressure breaks up the collagen and frees up the skin, thus improving its appearance. The acoustic wave process works by increasing circulation, collagen production, and tissue elasticity, and the end result is considerably smoother skin.

The procedure generally takes less than 45 minutes and oftentimes several treatments (6 to 12) are necessary to see noticeable results. Cellupulse works best on patients who are on a reasonably healthy diet and are near their target weight and do regular exercise. The procedure is in-office and no anesthesia is required. To date, no serious complications have been reported. Some side effects reported by some patients may include slight discomfort, redness, and/or bruising in the treated areas. There is no significant recovery time needed from treatments.

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