Botox, Fillers, PDO Threads

Botox works by relaxing the facial muscles in the injected area that causes lines and wrinkles, allowing for a smoother look.
Fillers work by injecting hyaluronic acid or another substance with a needle, which fill wrinkles, plumping and smoothing them out.

Regenerative Medicine:


Botox side effects are rare when undertaken by a professional aesthetics clinic such as Regenevéda. There are no lasting side effects, allowing for patients to resume their activities straight away without recovery downtime.

There are some patients for whom Botox may not be ideal, including patients with damaged nerves in their face, muscle conditions, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The effects of Botox for aesthetic purposes can last up to six months. The effects of Botox can vary from person to person, so it’s important to book a consultation with Regenevéda to learn more before undertaking this procedure.


As you age, your skin begins to thin out, and the collagen and elastin that helps to keep your skin plump and youthful will reduce. Wrinkles are formed when the substances that naturally exist in your skin start to decrease. Fillers work by injecting hyaluronic acid or another substance with a needle, which fill wrinkles, plumping and smoothing them out. Fillers are produced with substances that help to retain moisture in the skin, allowing for that plump and youthful look. Fillers can last for several months depending on the patient and the skin condition.

Side effects vary, but can include swelling from the needle injection. Fillers should be done in a professional medical environment such as at Regenevéda, where we are able to determine the best course of action and ideal procedure for you with a free consultation.

PDO Threads

A PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive treatment to lift and rejuvenate loose, sagging skin. The treatment is performed with the use of groundbreaking FDA-cleared aesthetic products: These threads work below the skin’s surface to lift and reposition sagging tissue.

During a PDO Thread Lift, the PDO threads are injected under the skin to subtly lift sagging tissues. PDO threads are made with a flexible absorbable PDO material very similar to absorbable suture materials which have been safely used in surgery for many years. This suture material is recognized by the FDA as one of the safest. Once the threads are gently inserted beneath the skin’s surface, the skin is tightened and intentionally repositioned. These threads have the added benefit of working at the cellular level to stimulate natural collagen production.

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