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  1. Dear Dr Lobe: I have achy joints. Can your IV treatments help me?

Answer: You may be suffering from arthritis. We have several IV treatments that we find are effective for treating joint aches and pains.

Our UVBI treatment (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) is ideal for any kind of over-activation of the immune system and inflammation. Whether this is a result of a chronic infection such as in the case of Lyme disease or from Rheumatoid arthritis, the UVBI quiets down the inflammation and can provide relief.

Our Ozone IV works in a similar way to help you deal with inflammation and pain.

  1. Dear Dr Lobe: I just found out I have Herpes… you help me get rid of it?

Answer: According to the CDC, the Herpes virus may hide dormant in your body for years and is difficult to eradicate. We find that a series of intensive treatments with a combination of IV Ozone therapy and UVBI can help get rid of symptoms and eliminate viral titers in your body to the point where they are at normal undetectable levels.

  1. Dear Dr. Lobe: I’m feeling run down and I keep catching colds. Is there anything you can do to help?

Answer: Our High Dose Vitamin C drip is great for eradicating a cold virus and helping you to be strong again. Patients often feel better before they leave the office.

  1. Dear Dr Lobe: I heard that you are doing Botox injections in the office now. Can I book an appointment?

Answer: We are scheduling Botox by appointment on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Call to set up your appointment.

  1. Dear Dr. Lobe: I heard that you can get rid of my cellulite. Can you really do that? How long does it work for?

Answer: We use the Cellupulse device. Technically, the treatment is called Extracorporal Shock Wave Therapy  or ESWT for short.  We are talking about acoustic shock waves or rather, sounds waves in which the energy breaks up the estrogen induced fibrous bands that dimple the skin are disrupted and trapped toxins are released. The effects are astounding. It takes about 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks. In the end, you see no more cellulite. If you have touch up areas down the road, that can be arranged. But your cellulite will be gone.

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