[:en]Secrets to Boost the Power of Your Anti-Aging Treatments [Part 1][:]


A lot of people desire a great and healthy life into old age. For many people, once fine lines and wrinkles start appearing, anti-aging treatments become a primary concern. Thankfully, modern nutritional and medical research have disclosed many of the long lost secrets to overcoming not only aesthetic and visible aging, but aging from within. Let’s discuss aging in relation to genetics, and what you can do to hinder the signs of aging.

Aging Genes

Although there is no precise indication as to why it happens, researchers have provided evidence to show that animals, including us people, are “programmed” with a limited number of years to live. In theory, our genes are instructed to make us grow older. Now, everyone’s genes are different, so deciphering and figuring out what a particular individual’s genes tells us means we can help them with their anti-aging goals.

But what can you do to combat these “anti-aging genes”? How do you prevent gene damage? And how do you also fight environmental abuse that reveal signs of aging?

Skin Care

If you specifically interested in the success of your facial rejuvenation treatment, it will not come by worrying all day about your wrinkles. One of the most powerful ways to deal with wrinkles is to treat your skin with Vitamin C and E, peptides, growth factors, and retinol.

Vitamin E and C can be found in supplements, but more importantly, it can also be obtained in excellent natural foods such as spinach, kale, nuts, and sunflower seeds. Skin care products with peptides, growth factors and retinol can also significantly improve your skin. Topical applications affect both cellular and molecular properties of the skin as well as changes in gene and protein expression. And if you’re out in the sun or spend a lot of times outdoors, ensure that you’re applying the correct sunscreen to block harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Restricting Calorie Consumption

Believe it or not, calorie restriction has demonstrated to prolong the lifespan in yeast, worms, flies, monkeys and even in humans. But this doesn’t mean that if you simply cut your excess calories you will expect to live long and age more gracefully. Research has indicated that the effects of aging are not solely dependent on calorie restriction, but also diet composition.

Being mindful of what you eat and how much you eat can help you prolong your lifespan and keep the fine lines and wrinkles away. For instance, a healthy diet is one that includes lean protein, whole foods, limited chemical additives, plenty of water and balanced proportions.

It is not easy to resist the trend to be old and stressed. However, if you want to challenge the norm, you will see far more improvement in your life and health than most of your peers. In most cases, it’s up to you on how easily you age.

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