3 Healthy Swaps That Improved my Life!

I am a big proponent of substituting out the junk with healthy whole foods. This practice helps shift your focus from beating yourself up for not being good about your food towards embracing new healthy options, one step at a time.  Before you know it, you will be leading a healthier lifestyle without feeling shame and deprivation. Here are a few additions to my diet that made me feel better and more vibrant.


1. Substituting out bread and grains with GREENS.

Greens are wonderfully beneficial for liver health and detoxification. They stimulate the flow of bile and help alkalinize the body. Greens are full of antioxidants, folic acid, vitamins K, A & C, and magnesium.

Example:  Eggs and sautéed greens with melted cheese in place of cheesy toast and eggs.


2. Substituting out Sodas with SELTZER/STILL WATER & A LEMON SLICE

If you are looking to sweeten it up add a few drops of stevia, a non-caloric natural sweetener that is minimally processed. If you don’t drink lots of water, increasing your intake will do wonders for you. Try reaching for water first as opposed to soft drinks, coffee, fruit juice, or beer. Water with lemon helps to hydrate you and flush toxins out of your system, plus it tastes good.  If you don’t like lemon try another citrus fruit.


3. Substituting out junky snacks (chips, crackers etc.) with VEGGIE STICKS & raw nuts/nut butters

Sugary processed snacks can act as nutritional bandits, providing very little nutritional value and stealing valuable nutrients from your body’s stores, which over time can lead to disease and decay. Having carrot and celery sticks or raw nuts on hand can provide something   in place of salty potato chips, kettle corn, and sugary pretzels & pita chips.

Having healthy alternatives on hand can make it easier to reach for the good stuff first when you get hungry.


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