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Meet Taylor

As a dedicated nutrition consultant and health coach with over 10 years of experience, I am passionate about wellness and helping others to achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle.

I am here to guide you on your journey toward optimal health and help you build your own personalized anti- aging toolkit.

I originally dove into nutrition to find my way back to balance. As a teenager, I struggled with IBS and fatigue. Despite everything being normal, I did not feel good. So I began what is now a lifelong journey to understand my health through research, experimentation, and elimination. Eventually, I was able to heal my gut and find balance, and now I am most interested in helping
people find theirs.

Drawing on my own experience—and utilizing my education in business and nutrition—I help others be proactive with their health through metrics, lifestyle, food, and supplementation.

At Regeneveda, I work alongside, Dr. Thom Lobe, a highly experienced physician and regenerative medicine specialist. His unique approach to healthcare complements my 1:1 nutrition coaching allowing me to build personalized plans that leverage key metrics including blood biomarkers to help you achieve the longevity, the energy, and the performance you are striving for as you age.

By synthesizing experience with data, I create a tailored strategy and toolkit designed to enhance your overall well-being, increase your lifespan, and improve your healthspan.

If you are someone who is interested in regulating your blood sugar levels, dropping weight without dieting, feeling more energetic, sleeping better, and maximizing performance in your sport or at work, contact me today.

Nutrition Offerings

Basic Plan: 3-months of nutrition coaching and basic anti-aging bloodwork
Comprehensive Plan: 3-months of nutrition coaching and comprehensive anti-aging bloodwork
Automated Antiaging Toolkit Programming
Yearly Regeneveda Membership
Hourly visits

What You Get

  • 3-month commitment
  • 1:1 nutrition coaching
  • Anti-aging focused bloodwork
  • Weekly touchpoints
  • Unlimited access via text or email
  • Personalized focus based on health goals
  • Regular review of biomarker data
  • 10% Off Regeneveda’s services

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